Weed Delivery Tulare

Weed Delivery Tulare

The County of Tulare encourages responsible use, distribution, transportation, cultivation, criteria and growing of marijuana (cannabis) in accordance with state law, county ordinances and regulations, and local community standards. The County of Tulare Ordinance Code and Tulare Cannabis ordinances govern the possession, consumption, distribution, and growing of marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county. The ordinances promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of residents and visitors to Weed Delivery Tulare.

Tulare Treasures: Weed Delivery at Your Doorstep

In Tulare, adult recreational use of marijuana is legal for adults 21 years or older. Tulare’s licensed marijuana dispensaries must scan customers’ government-issued ID cards for verification. Dispensaries also must track how much weed each customer purchases using the California Cannabis Track and Trace system.

Medical marijuana is available to Tulare patients with debilitating medical conditions. California cannabis laws allow qualified patients to grow six (6) plants per household for personal use, provided the plants are kept in a fully secure, enclosed accessory structure that meets Building Code standards; including a floor, walls and opaque roof.

Tulare’s licensed marijuana dispensaries can only sell recreational marijuana to adults 21 years or older. Recreational marijuana consumers must present a valid government-issued ID and have cash for purchase. Qualifying medical marijuana patients must provide their physician’s recommendation or California medical marijuana card at a licensed dispensary. Medical marijuana patients are required to have sufficient cash for their purchase, too.

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