Why Hire an Attorney to Help You Get Dismissed From a Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket is a minor infraction, but it can still tarnish your driving record and lead to higher car insurance rates. A traffic lawyer can help you get the attorney for tickets dismissed and keep your driving privileges.Most people don’t fight tickets because they assume that the court will automatically take the officer’s word over theirs. However, that is not always the case.

The fact is, the judge may dismiss the ticket if you can prove that the police officer misjudged some aspect of your case or testimony. For example, if the police officer didn’t read your vehicle’s registration properly or testified incorrectly about other facts.

Protect Your Record with Experienced NYC Traffic Lawyers

Another good defense is to show that you had insufficient notice of a change in the traffic regulations. For example, if you were going to drive on a certain stretch of road and got a ticket for running a stop sign, the court might dismiss it if you could demonstrate that the sign had just been installed the previous day.

Taking the time to attend a hearing or trial to resolve a traffic ticket can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule. An attorney can go to court on your behalf and negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve a favorable result without having to appear in person.

Some attorneys might also be able to negotiate with the judge to avoid a trial altogether. Depending on the situation, this might save you time and money.

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