Native Cigarettes Canada

Native Cigarettes Canada

Native Cigarettes Canada is a unique venture that seeks to foster economic growth within First Nations communities while promoting the sale of legitimate smoking and tobacco products. Our commitment to upholding First Nations values ensures that we operate with integrity, respect, and a strong sense of responsibility towards our people and customers.

Smoking is not a traditional activity for many Indigenous peoples, and some Indigenous communities do not even use tobacco products at all. Nevertheless, for those who do smoke, Native cigarettes are available at significantly lower prices than their commercial counterparts due to tax exemptions and unique regulatory frameworks that apply to Indigenous reserves. However, the lower price of native smokes should not be seen as an endorsement or encouragement to smoke; it is important to consider the health risks associated with smoking and make informed decisions.

Supporting Indigenous Rights: Advocacy for Fair Access to Native Cigarettes

The smuggling of cigarettes from the reserves to non-Indigenous consumers is lucrative, as tobacco sales in the US are not subject to taxes and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has documented that some reserves, like Akwesasne near Cornwall, Ontario, straddle international borders. A single tractor-trailerload of tobacco smuggled to sell at half the commercial shop price would yield a profit of over C$2.5 million, with Ottawa’s loss in tax revenue nearly double that amount.

It is also important to recognize that mental health issues are often a significant factor in the initiation of smoking, and that addressing these issues will help reduce rates of addiction among Indigenous youth. In addition, a focus on economic growth is vital, as it provides opportunities for self-sufficiency and improved living standards.

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