IP2Proxy – Protect Your Website From Fraudulent Proxies

IP2Proxy offers a proxy detection API for web servers. It detects a range of different types of proxies like VPN, DCH and RES and helps in monitoring their activities to identify if they are committing fraud or not. This way, online merchants or service providers can block access to their websites from proxies and protect themselves against fraud.

What is a Proxy?

Proxies act as an intermediary between a company network and the internet, so that the internet can only see the proxy server’s IP address. This makes it difficult for someone to spy on a company’s employees searching for work-related content on the web. This is a security measure that companies implement to ensure the privacy of their employees and prevent theft of intellectual property.

A proxy server can also be used by hackers to commit credit card fraud or other forms of cybercrime. A sysadmin must monitor the use of proxies in their company network to identify any suspicious activity. If there is a sudden influx of visitors coming from a known proxied IP address, it can be an indicator that the system has been breached by hackers with malicious intent.

Our IP2Proxy database includes data about rotating proxies, residential proxies, and Tor exit nodes. It is updated every 24 hours. This database is available for purchase in.bin,.csv, and.txt formats, and pricing models can be customized based on data requirements.

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