Mindfulness Poems

Mindfulness poems help to focus on the moment and get in touch with your feelings. They are also a fun way to relax and de-stress.

Poetry asks us to slow down and pay close is yoga meditation to the words, the sounds and the meaning of each word. This type of intense focus translates well to mindfulness meditation, where you learn to concentrate on one thing and work to exclude distracting thoughts and sensations from your awareness. Poetry can also evoke vivid imagery and sensual experiences, which helps to strengthen your mindfulness of the body, which is another key element of this type of meditation.

The Union of Body and Mind: Understanding Yoga Meditation”

Whether you are looking for a mindfulness poem to read or to write, we have some great options. We have a collection of classic and contemporary poems that explore themes such as living in the moment, being present and letting go. We also have a mindfulness poem about the breath that will be a helpful addition to any breathing practice.

Mindfulness is not a “one size fits all” practice, and each person will find his or her own approach to the meditation. Some people like to add a mindfulness poem about the breath, and other may use poetry to explore emotions and sensory experiences. Some people even find that they are able to use poems as a tool for mindfulness in their everyday lives, particularly when the poem is about something they feel passionately about, such as nature or love.

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