Give Your Lash Lift a Twist With Lash Filler

When it comes to caring for your lashes, you need to give them some tender loving care. After all, they take a lot of abuse on a daily basis: applying mascara, curling and removing eye makeup, not to mention the natural wear and tear from life. Adding lash filler to your lash lift is the perfect way to give them that extra boost of TLC!

This amazing lash filler treatment not only provides a lifting effect but also thickens your lashes by 24% in just three sessions. It contains a blend of collagen, oils and proteins which nourish and strengthen your natural lashes making them healthier and fuller.

Achieve Fuller Lashes: Understanding Lash Filler

The nourishing formula is what makes lash filler different from other lash lift products. The ingredients in the formula penetrate deep into the hairs allowing them to nourish them and promote growth. Combined with the proper preparation of the eyelashes using InLei Form 1 and InLei Fix 2, the results are proven to be stable and reliable.

This lash treatment is ideal for those with fine lashes or those who have had a lash lift in the past and need a little help thickening their lashes. It is also great for those who have a sensitive or delicate eye area.

The product has been made with a halal and wudhu friendly formula, so it’s safe for Muslim clients or anyone who requires a hygienic or halal treatment. It’s also water permeable, so it’s easy to cleanse during a wudhu.

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