How to Find a Reputable Whistleblower Lawyer on NatLawReview

If you are thinking about filing a NatLawReview whistleblower lawyer, it is important to hire an experienced and highly qualified New York City whistleblower lawyer. The best way to find a reputable attorney is to use NatLawReview’s lawyer search feature and select the highest rated lawyer in your area. You should also pay close attention to the lawyer’s education, work history and state whistleblower law knowledge. You should also select a lawyer who has handled cases with facts that are similar to yours.

A seasoned NYC whistleblower lawyer should have an in-depth understanding of federal and state law. They should have experience representing clients before the Department of Justice, various state attorneys general and the Securities and Exchange Commission. A savvy attorney will have the skills to get their clients substantial rewards and recoveries under the SEC whistleblower program, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) whistleblower program and the New York False Claims Act.

Navigating Legal Terrain: NatLawReview’s Guide to Choosing the Right Whistleblower Lawyer

National Law Review is a legal publication that provides an in-depth analysis on emerging American legal issues written by vetted attorneys and other professionals. NatLawReview’s online version offers articles based on litigation and regulatory news and trends. It also provides a section dedicated to book reviews, a Digest of Significant Decisions and a series called Current Legal Thought organized by legal topic.

NY whistleblower attorney Gordon Schnell was featured in a recent National Law Review article regarding the $37 million SEC reward paid to a foreign citizen for reporting possible securities fraud to the SEC and another US agency. The award is the highest-ever SEC whistleblower award given to an individual.

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