How to Check If a Phone Number is Real

Phone number validation is a process of checking the validity of a telephone number. It involves verifying the format, whether it matches a specific phone numbering plan and if Check if phone number is real in the correct area to be used for a given service or purpose. This can be done with the help of a phone validator or any other tool that is able to validate a telephone number and check its existence.

How do you verify a phone number?

If you need to know if a phone number is real, the first step is to check its format using a free online tool like Textmagic. The tool will validate the number and display important information such as its country of origin, prefix, and if it is a mobile or landline. It will also show the type of telephone carrier it belongs to, as well as if it is E164 or RFC3966 compliant.

Alternatively, you can use a paid online service such as RPV Turbo that offers an extensive range of phone validation checks including deep pings directly with carriers to identify connected or disconnected lines. The service will also return other important data points such as risk score, if the line is a disposable phone number or a virtual one (VoIP), and if it is registered on the DNC.

Both solutions are highly recommended if you want to avoid expensive data errors and TCPA fines for calling or messaging DNC-registered numbers. The best time to find invalid phone numbers is at the point of entry, which can be accomplished by deploying a phone verification API during signups, registration, checkouts and even simple web forms.

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