How to Bless Your Home With a Cinnamon Ritual

There’s a reason why you see cinnamon ritual  being used in many ways other than cooking or repelling gnats (it can actually help heal your stomach!): It’s believed to hold energy that attracts prosperity and abundance. One of the most common ways that people bless their home with this energy is through a simple cinnamon ritual.

This is a simple and powerful ritual that can be done in multiple ways, but the most common involves sprinkling cinnamon powder at your front door. Typically, this is done on the first of each month to bring in fresh new energy that’s aligned with what you wish for that specific month.

Savoring the Sacred: The Art and Significance of Cinnamon Rituals

You can also perform this ritual at your shop or business, to boost your luck in those areas of life. Or, at a place of education or study, to bring in good fortune and success in your academic pursuits. The most important thing is to choose an intention that’s aligned with what you’re wishing for in your life, Rose says. And speaking your intention aloud can help amplify the power of your cinnamon ritual, she adds.

Whenever you perform this ritual, it’s recommended to leave the cinnamon powder on the floor for at least 24 hours—or until the first of the month is over—before cleaning it up. Also, it’s crucial to stay in a positive mindset and keep the thought process clear of any negativity. That’s because everything in the world is made up of vibrations, and negative energy can derail your blessings from making their way to you.

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