What is MUGA Pitch Turf?

MUGA pitch turf

A MUGA pitch turf is a sports surface used to provide a multi-use games area for a range of sports. It is designed to accommodate a number of different sports and activities at the same time without damaging the surface and is ideal for schools, district councils/local authorities, sports clubs etc.

MUGA surfaces are popular as they make it easier for young people to get involved with a sport and can also benefit adults, in particular those with an interest in becoming a professional athlete. They are also a cost effective option as they take up less space than traditional grass and require little maintenance, meaning that your investment will last longer.

Enhancing Sports Performance: Why MUGA Pitch Turf Is the Ideal Choice for Netball Court Resurfacing

There are 5 Sport England-accredited MUGA surfaces that you can choose from and knowing which one is right for you will depend on the range of activities that you are planning to use the facility for. Type 1 sand-dressed surfaces are more suited to hockey and 5-a-side football and can also support tennis, netball, lacrosse and cricket. This surface provides excellent shock absorption, a consistent bounce, and ball roll and is available in a choice of colours.

Type 2 sand-filled surfaces are suitable for hockey and 3-a-side football and can also be used for rugby and netball. This surfacing solution uses a layer of sand between two layers of macadam to help maintain the surface’s integrity and support slip resistance and can be finished with a range of colours. Finally, a type 3 MUGA surface is constructed using a polymer-based system that has been created with EPDM and SBR rubber granules bound together with slip-resistant materials and a polyurethane binder to create a hard wearing surface that is perfect for athletics and low-contact sports.

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