Solar Panels Cork – A Green Way to Go Green

solar panel corks are a great way to go green and help reduce your carbon footprint. Using thin sheets of semiconducting materials (similar to silicon) they convert sunlight into electricity. The panels absorb the sun’s rays and produce a flow of electrons, which in turn creates a clean energy source for you to use at home. The average family* will save EUR400 per year on their electricity bills and can receive up to a EUR2,100 grant from SEAI for the cost of the solar panel installation.

Cork is ideally situated within Ireland to generate solar energy from the sun, especially in southern or east-west facing orientations. The fact that Cork has a mild and temperate climate further helps to maximize the amount of solar power it can generate.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panels in Cork

One example of a cork and solar link is the use of solar energy to pre-heat water for use in the production of steam. This is a critical stage of the process for the agglomeration of cork granules in the manufacture of insulation corkboard.

Another great use of solar energy in the cork industry is the heating of kilns used for the drying of raw cork. In order to ensure the drying process is carried out at optimum conditions, it is important that the kilns are kept at an even temperature throughout the entire drying cycle. Solar energy can be used to achieve this and it has been demonstrated that the combination of solar thermal collectors with the kilns can significantly reduce energy costs.

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