How to Organize a Backpack

how to organize a backpack

How to organize a backpack your kid is packing books for school or just a day out, an organized backpack can make the difference between a messy, frustrating experience and one that allows them to get on with their day. Here are some hacks that will help them organize their backpack and keep it looking great.

1. Regularly declutter.

Help your kid create a daily or weekly routine of dumping out their backpack and taking everything out, wiping down the inside and tossing any old papers they don’t need. This will help to lighten the load, and will also ensure they are only packing things they are likely to use.

Pack Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Backpack for Efficiency”

The best way to help your kids stay on top of their homework is to sort the contents of their backpack by subject. This will help them know where everything is, and make it easier for them to locate their pens, pencils and other supplies. They can use their backpack’s compartments to do this – for example, some bags have a primary and secondary pouch, or even a front pocket, so they could put in their school books and binders into the main one, their tech gear, notebooks and utensils into the other and any extras like hand sanitizer and breath mints into the front pockets.

Then, they can pack their bag knowing that they are bringing the right items for the tasks ahead of them. If they are going to be doing lots of homework, they can keep a folder in their backpack for all the papers that need to go back at the end of the school day, so they won’t lose any work.

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