How to Deal With an Emergency Dentist Winnipeg

If you’ve suffered a dental emergency, it’s essential to seek immediate care. This is because some emergencies, like a broken tooth or knocked out tooth, can lead to permanent damage or even death if left untreated. An emergency dentist winnipeg can help you reduce pain and address the underlying problem, so it’s important to know what to look for when deciding on an appointment.

How much tooth pain is an emergency?

Common dental emergencies include chipped or cracked teeth, a missing tooth or a lost crown. While you’re awaiting an appointment, rinse the mouth with cold water and apply pressure to the area to stop bleeding if it happens. If possible, try to re-insert the lost crown, but don’t force it into place. If you can’t re-insert it, cover it with dental cement, which is available at most drug stores.

Another common emergency tooth removal is a painful exposed root. In this case, you may be able to get pain relief from your dentist by applying a root canal treatment or a filling to protect the exposed root. This can also be used to treat the root of a wisdom tooth that is trying to come in, which often causes pain and can result in infection.

Other dental emergencies include swollen gums, which can be caused by an infection or inflammation. This can be painful and can cause bleeding, and an emergency dentist can provide you with solutions, such as a de-sensitizer treatment that works like a varnish to seal the sensitive areas of your teeth.

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