Carpet Cleaner Pre Spray

carpet cleaner pre spray

A carpet cleaner pre spray  is an important part of the cleaning process. The purpose of a pre spray is to help loosen up dirt, spills, and stains that are trapped in the fibers of your carpet before you shampoo it. This helps your carpet look better and last longer while preventing it from re-soiling quickly after being cleaned.

Some carpet pre sprays are liquids that you can mix with hot water and spray directly onto your carpet. Other types are powders that you can sprinkle onto your carpet. You can use a brush or spoon to get the powder into crevices of your carpet. Some are designed to work on specific stains like pet stains or food stains.

Carpet Cleaner Pre Sprays

Typically a pre spray is applied before you shampoo the carpet using a pump-up or injection style chemical sprayer. This is to prepare the carpet for shampooing by loosening and emulsifying soils so they can be easily removed during hot water extraction. Properly preconditioning the carpet will also help you achieve the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) rating for stain resistance.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Carpet Cleaner with Pre-Spray

This prespray has a powerful blend of solvents and crystallizing detergents that can be used in conjunction with Spartan’s spray and extract or bonnet cleaning methods for optimum carpet maintenance. It removes stubborn soils, neutralizes alkaline carpet shampoo residue and leaves your carpets soft and smelling fresh.

This natural prespray is made with organic ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment. It’s perfect for restaurants and grease filled facilities. 2 ounces make 1 gallon ready to use of this powerful and natural cleaner that works well with any machine.

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