What Is Wheel Caster?

What is wheel caster?

A wheel caster is an easy-to-roll device that’s primarily used for rolling equipment. It’s essentially a wheel that’s placed inside a metal frame. Casters are a great option for a variety of applications, such as industrial machines, office chairs and grocery carts.

What Are the Different Types of Wheel Casters?

What is wheel caster first type of caster is called a hollow kingpin. It consists of a kingpin, top plate, lower thrust race and an upper load race. These components are all forged together to form a sturdy caster.

Another type is a swivel caster. It has a central hub or hubs that are attached to the caster and a wheel around each hub that can move a caster in various directions.

There are many types of swivel casters available in the market. Some of them are:

What is a Wheel Caster and How Does it Work? A Comprehensive Guide

The main concern before you buy a caster is the load capacity. The load capacity varies depending on your requirements. It is also dependent on the caster size.

Wheel material

The wheel material plays a major role in the durability and efficiency of a caster. It determines how easy the caster will roll on a variety of surfaces, including smooth floors and rough ones that have debris in them.

A variety of wheel materials are available for casters, ranging from thermoplastic elastomers and polyurethane to soft rubber. These materials allow casters to roll smoothly on a wide range of floor conditions, from smooth concrete plant floors to those that have dirt or debris.

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