Options Alert Services

options alert services

Options alert services offer a variety of features that can help traders and investors. Some of these services will send text messages or email alerts if a trade becomes available. Others will let you know about real-time market data, so you can make the most informed decision possible. Some will even give you the ability to trade in real-time, so you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

These services are great for day traders and swing traders

The Motley Fool’s option service is a fairly new service that was launched in 2009. It is a subscription-based service run by the popular investment and stock picking site. It works much like a traditional stock-picking service, providing alerts and analysis of stock options. This option alert service blurs the lines between alerts and stock analysis, providing a variety of choice notifications and clear visualization tools. The service also offers a three-month free trial, which has no restrictions.

Most options alert services | King Trading Systems will send you notifications on changes in your options positions in real-time. These alerts may include impending price changes, earnings, dividends, and in-the-money changes. Depending on what service you choose, these alerts may be sent via email, text messages, or push notifications. Most of these services will also provide educational materials and tools to help you make an informed decision.

While the prices for these services can vary greatly, they are generally inexpensive, ranging from $35 per month to $1948 a year. Some options alert services offer more features and are more expensive than others. Option Alpha, for instance, has a free trial that allows you to view 180 videos and join weekly strategy calls. This service offers a great deal for its price, and it is ideal for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

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