Motorcycle Chain Lube

motorcycle chain lube

There are many different types of motorcycle chain lube available. You need to choose the right one for your bike and ride conditions, since motorcycle chain lubes are not created equal. A thin, water-based lube will not penetrate the chain as deeply as a thick, liquid lube. You should always buy a high quality brand, though, as cheap products won’t last as long. A thick paste will not affect your bike’s performance, but the white color can look unattractive on the road. More info –

These Are Especially Useful For High-speed Riding

Before using motorcycle chain lube, check the type of chain. Some chains are roller chains, while others are X-ring. The best motorcycle chain lube depends on the type of chain. Older motorcycles with roller chains will benefit from a high-quality SAE 80 or 90W gear oil. Motor oil and O-ring chains will not function properly with these kinds of lubes. Once you know the type of chain on your bike, you can purchase the appropriate lube.

If you don’t lubricate your motorcycle chain every few hundred miles, a small amount of grease will leak out during your first ride. While that is normal, you should always check and lube it every six months or so. This will extend the life of your chain and help you get more mileage. In addition, motorcycle chain lube also prevents rust and helps the bike react to throttle twists more efficiently.

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