Jobs Abroad

In this part of our brief “Tech Jobs Abroad” series, we will look at an IT consulting company in Vanhack, Connecticut – that’s right, Vanhack, which is situated right on the Connecticut Harbor. This is a high-paying position for someone with the knowledge to run the office and also to do the job well. Because the Vanhack office is located so close to the water, the residents there have access to all the great fishing and boating, as well as snowmobile and ski expeditions that abound the area. In fact, this summer many local residents are planning a major outdoor winter snow event – the largest of its kind in over 20 years.

How to Find Great Tech Jobs Abroad?

While there may be many tech job openings in Vanhack, it is also important to note that the town has seen a dramatic increase in business in recent years, as well as population. Therefore, many of the new job opportunities are likely to be filled by locals moving to the area to live and work. That means if you have experience or even just a graduate degree in a technical field, that you should find a niche in the growing job market. There are so many possibilities in this part of the Nutmeg State that you will likely be surrounded by them even after you’ve found your new job! You could start out in the marketing department of a large corporation, or even begin a small boutique right on the water.

This summer is a wonderful time to consider the possibilities in technology jobs Abroad. There are so many companies from half-way across the world that are looking for talented graduates and experienced professionals to help them develop new products and services. You can be part of this global community by putting your skills to work with a local tech firm. You may not get the big dollars that you make at home, but you will always know that you are helping to shape the future of your field. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to get connected to people who are hungry for good ideas.

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