Save Money Buying Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

hand sanitizer in bulk

When you buy hand sanitizer in bulk, you get more for your money. Many of the brands available in local supermarkets only come in a single ounce. This means that you are effectively getting one tablespoon of sanitizer for every three ounces of water. This is very minimal and does not allow you to cover your entire house or even your car with sanitizing agents. Buying the smaller, one-ounce packets is much more cost effective.

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When buying in bulk, you are also getting better quantities. Three ounces of sanitizing gel may seem like three ounces of alcohol but the alcohol concentration is much higher in alcohol form than it is in sanitizing gel hand sanitizers. This allows you to kill more germs with the same amount of product, which is what you want to do anyway. Also, when buying in bulk you are able to get the same product for less money. The higher price of the alcohol may not be justified by the additional cost of the product when buying in smaller quantities.


You can buy all of the products required to make your own personal hand sanitizer in bulk at a drugstore. However, these items are overpriced and not economical. You can save money and get the same amount of sanitizing agents for much less money by making your own. There are kits available to make it easy. You can buy one of these kits and put it together as directed to create your own personal sanitizing solution at home.

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