Information On a Dual Battery Kit

If you are looking to add a jumpstart to your motorcycle, or just want to extend the amount of time your bike can run, a dual battery kit could be the answer. These kits come with a charger and a built in kick-start that allows you to ride for longer when you are finished. Kick starts to kick start your motor to get it up and running again. While this is a good thing to have if you are out riding in the country and come across a stranded vehicle, it can also be quite dangerous to try and kick start your bike while still connected to the battery. A dual battery kit has a built in kick-start that kicks your battery into life immediately when the main battery is turned on. In most cases a dual battery kit also has an automatic power fade indicator that will shut off the main power just before the battery dies down to avoid shocking anyone out on the road.

Many times you will find yourself stranded on the side of the road with your motorcycle attached to a two batteries, or even one. Suddenly, you realize that your vehicle has died down and there are only two batteries in place. Before you panic or take off in your vehicle thinking that you are in serious trouble, turn off your ignition and pull over safely. If your vehicle is not so equipped for being stranded on the side of the road, you can get help from a tow truck by contacting the company that sells you their services.

A tow truck is equipped with a winch that can pull your vehicle off of the road even if there are only two batteries left in place. Towing companies have special cages that they attach to both vehicles so that they can safely pull both vehicles at the same time. The tow truck has a bracket that fits over your vehicle’s rear bumper and mounts a second battery tray beneath the second battery.

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