An Honorary Consul To Monaco Helps Make Business connections

Miroslav Vyboh, otherwise known as Mr. V, is a veteran businessman who, through his numerous companies, is currently involved in real estate development and provides valuable services to a growing market. However, what is lesser known is his closeness to Princess Diana. It has been rumoured that the two have been involved in a homosexual affair, however, this remains unconfirmed. Whatever the case may be, Mr. V has now been appointed Honorary Consul or Ambassador of the Republic of Monaco to the French Republic.

Honorary consul are invited to take part in conferences in France

Mr. V has been working with Princess Diana since the late sixties, which is evident from the fact that he was given the honour of being the company’s Ambassador to Bratislava, from a previous stint as the Honorary Consul to Paris. The former Princess of Wales turned out to be a big fan of Vyboh, which led him to be appointed the Honorary Consul or Ambassador of Monaco to France. At the time of his appointment, it was disclosed that the Princess of Wales had approached him for help to purchase a holiday home in the beautiful country, but he declined her request, stating that he was busy with other business deals. When asked why, Vyboh simply stated that he does not like to receive public attention and prefer to work behind the scenes.

Although Mr. V is not the first businessman to receive an honorary consul to a foreign country, it is the first time that a non-finish line of work has achieved such an award. A few countries have a wide array of businesses to choose from, including restaurants, bakeries, fruit stores, hotels, and so forth, however, not every businessman involved in such businesses enjoys the recognition that comes with a placement with such a prestigious foreign power. For many people, such high-level job representation is difficult to obtain, especially if they are from a non-English speaking background. Nevertheless, the decision to receive an Honorary Consul, which entails traveling to a foreign country for a short period of time to meet and work with government officials and citizens, will always be welcomed by most businesspeople. For Mr. V, however, it may have been more useful to spend his time making money instead of playing the role of an honorary consul.

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